Sunday, June 3, 2012

Boring, I guess

Before I dive in to this post, let me divulge that my boyfriend and I have given up cable. This is hard! I'm not a music listener, so I'm having to get used to the apartment being so very very quiet when I'm home alone. Just me and the keyboard and sometimes (er...often) the sound of me talking to myself.

It'll be okay though. Once the withdrawal wears off, I'm sure I'll become a hyper-productive dynamo. My hope is that I can one day be as insufferable as all of those jerks who proudly proclaim "Oh, we don't watch television at our house." This will never happen, though, because with the internet all the TV I want to watch is just a download away....

Anywho, Friday night I went to see a local production of RENT with a friend and two of his work colleagues. I love RENT, mostly because it completely gets me in two sweet spots: the idea that weird is to be celebrated (see La Vie Boheme) and that the most important thing in the world is to love each other (or put another way, in the words of my favourite author E.M. Forster in his epigraph of Howard's End, "Only connect."). Even though a few of the characters are addicts or ex-addicts, the play doesn't really speak to me on that subject much.

But while we were waiting for the play to start, my friend's work colleague was talking about the Angelina Jolie vs Jennifer Aniston subject. I'm completely "Team Aniston" because (as I joked that night) she seems more like "my kind of people", you know, down to earth, like I could totally call up my girl Jen and we'd go for coffee and have loads to talk about, not like that snooty Angelina lady.

The friend's colleague agreed with me, and added "Also, Angelina doesn't drink, so she's clearly no fun." Because I'd just met this person and am not likely to meet her again, I let this go, but I knew right then that the exchange would appear on my blog, because Hey! I don't drink, and just a second ago you thought I was pretty entertaining what with my talking about being best friends with Ms. Aniston and all. In fact, maybe I'm MORE fun, now that I'm not drinking! Ever consider that? And even though this one fact about Jolie isn't gonna bring me around anytime soon, at least I won't have to worry about her getting loaded and puking all over my shoes and driving her car into an innocent pedestrian on our special night out. Not to say that this is a concern with Jennifer or anything, but, well.....

But since I'm not drinking, I guess I'm just a boring old fuddy duddy who isn't fun to hang with any more. Oh well.

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  1. Yeah, right? Like that is totally the attitude. I used to think Gwennith Paltrow and Chris Martin were boring dickheads because they're macrobiotic teetotalers, but clearly they're not (ok she's borderline because of that self-satisfied Goop website but he's alright I guess).. anyway!.. point being lots of people do think non-drinkers are boring. Unless they're recovering boozers, in which case they've got a mysterious hard-core past that makes them enigmatic and intriguing. That's us!!! Ha ha xxx