Thursday, March 29, 2012

When a grown man cries

So, here is a description of me:

I am 6', 260lbs, short dark hair, glasses (unless I'm playing rugby), often with a beard but currently just a little patch of well-trimmed hair on my chin, broad shoulders, thick legs, used to be "barrel-shaped" but 6 months of going to the gym and not drinking booze mean I am getting more triangle-shaped. 35, but on a good day I (hope I) look closer to 30. I have all of my hair and none of it is grey.

So, while I'm basically a delicate kitten, I look like a giant clumsy bear.

Which is why one of the funniest things (to me) about being sober is how much its turned me into a bit of an emotional cream puff. The latest example is watching an episode of How I Met Your Mother last night when one of the characters' father dies at the end of the episode, and here's me, this big, bearded guy, sniffling into my kleenex for a good fifteen minutes after the credits rolled.

But, the thing is, I'll trade that little crying jag for any of the drunken-binge-inspired sob fests any day. I suspect I don't "cry pretty" when I'm loaded off my ass.


  1. Hi! Found your blog via mrs D's blog, and first thing I read is of course your latest post. And I must say that the desciption of you sounds absolutely gorgeous :) Good for you getting started with the exercise!

    Take care drymarc

  2. Oh I love this!!! Great to get a description, thanks for that. And yes I am the soppiest sop there is. All emotions so raw. Last night at a concert I got tears in my eyes, I was so happy to see one of my favorite bands (Elbow) singing so gloriously in front of me. Everything is so much more real and raw when you take alcohol out of your life eh. It's amazing, I never knew how much different I would feel overall just by stopping drinking. xxx